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Our aim is to provide our customers, with professional old fashioned values, a wealth of experience and high quality installations and aftercare service.
Home & Away Surveillance Limited specialise in the installation and maintenance of Close Circuit Television, Intruder Alarms, Door Access and Intercom/Video Systems.

All installations and maintenance carried out, are guaranteed and comply with current government legislation and guidelines as laid down by the industry regulators.

We use equipment from known leading Security Companies such as Norbain, Paxton and Raytel to name a few, the main areas we cover include:

- Door Access Control
- Audio & Video Intercoms
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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

In its most basic form, a C.C.T.V. system can comprise one camera connected to one television (called a monitor). This can enable a person to watch what is happening in another location. (This can be several hundred metres away, or just in the next room).

What if I want to watch several cameras?

If you have only one monitor, you need a method of connecting the monitor to one camera at a time. The most basic method is to connect all the cameras to a device called a sequential switcher. The switcher is then connected to the monitor.

By flicking a switch, you can choose which camera you require to watch on the monitor.
If you wish to watch each camera sequentially, one after the other, this can also be achieved. The time each camera is viewed can be altered at the switcher. (Usually varying from 1 second to 20 seconds).

What if i want to view all of my 8 cameras simultaneously?

You have two options:

Option 1 - Have eight monitors, one for each camera.
Option 2 - Connect all eight cameras to a hard drive digital recorder. This device will record all 8 cameras simultaneously, and display all of them on the monitor. Each camera can be individually selected and viewed full screen size if required.The hard drive digital recorder will store the video images from each camera on its own internal hard drive. The larger the hard drive, the more images can be stored.

Can I review stored images?

Yes, depending on certain factors such as hard drive size (usually from 80gbyte - 500gbyte) recording quality and number of images stored per second, you could review images originally stored up to a month ago.

I have several buildings on a site covering 5 acres. I want cameras in each building, but i want to view them from my office in one of these buildings, is this possible?

Yes, there are several ways to do this, a free site survey would be required to advise you. Call us now to make arrangements.

I have a house in France and when I am there, I would like to see what is happening at my office, how can I do that? 

If you have a PC or a Laptop, you can connect it to your office’s C.C.T.V. system and view it as if you were in front of the digital hard drive recorder installed there.

The latest technology called 'Qeeps' enables you to monitor and control your digital video recorder as if you were in front of it, from virtually anywhere in the world, from your mobile phone.

What different types of camera are available?

Only a few years ago monochrome cameras were considerably less expensive than colour cameras, and their video image quality was also vastly superior. In low light conditions, where a colour camera would not provide a usable picture, a good quality monochrome camera would enable you to see perfectly.

Modern technology and mass production has seen drastic price reductions for colour cameras, and great improvements in picture quality. Very rarely do we use monochrome cameras now. Certain colour cameras are capable of providing colour images during daylight, and automatically switching to monochrome when lighting levels drop below a certain level, still providing crisp, useable images. Some of these even have infra-red lighting built in, which enable them to work effectively in complete darkness.

Armoured Dome Cameras

Originally designed for the prison service, these cameras are enclosed within an extremely tough dome made of metal and polycarbonate. Because they are extremely vandal resistant, they are ideal for installing at heights of 2 metres. (More likely to recognise the face of a person wearing a peaked cap at this height).

Fully Functional Dome Cameras

This is a camera enclosed within a weatherproof heated polycarbonate dome (not vandal resistant), which has the following capabilities:

1. Can tilt down vertically through 90 degrees

2. Can spin horizontally through 360 degrees
3. Can zoom in to recognise a car number plate or a person’s face.

These cameras are fantastic, as it is very difficult to know where it is actually looking, can move through 360 degrees in 1 second (you couldn’t outrun it) and has automatic self focusing.

Covert Cameras

These are miniature cameras fitted within everyday objects such as smoke detectors, room thermostats, clocks, junction boxes etc. They are normally used to detect pilfering. These devices can be radio linked to the monitor and hard drive digital recorder. Being battery powered they can be deployed within seconds.

Prevention of Till Thefts

Imagine a public house where friends of Brian, one of the bar staff, have just arrived. Brian’s friends order 6 pints of Stella and 6 packs of crisps. Brian rings into the till one pint and one packet of crisps. Brian has "stolen" about £17.00 from the owner of the pub. With the "Till scan" system, a camera is focused on the bar, any recordings, how many pints and bags of crisps are on there. Superimposed on this video is the information being entered into the till. Brian is in serious trouble.

Remotely Monitored C.C.T.V Systems

A thief scales the fence of a compound containing Lorries loaded with expensive electronic gadgetry. As he approaches one of the Lorries a movement sensor detects him and an electronic signal is sent to a 24 hour manned security centre. Amy, one of the members of staff there, logs on to the C.C.T.V. system in the compound and she locates the potential thief on camera 6. She zooms in so that she can see just the thief’s face, and records a series of images. The police will be able to use this as evidence. Amy flicks a switch and speaks to the thief via a tannoy system in the compound. He is warned that his facial details have been passed to the police and it would be wise to leave the compound or the police will be called.

Cell Phone C.C.T.V. Systems

A battery powered dome camera with a built in cell phone transmitter is clamped to a lamppost, about 25 feet from the ground. It has taken 30 minutes to do this, and it is now sending video images of a part of a school where vandals have been breaking windows. Back at the council’s 24 hour manned security office, a member of staff spots the vandals arriving and breaking more windows. Police are summoned and arrive to take them into custody.

Residential Cameras

Small cameras can be purchased which are used mainly to
monitor visitors to a house. Before the front door is opened, the visitor is monitored visually and audibly from the house holder’s ordinary television set.
Our Engineers & Staff are carefully vetted and receive training to the highest standards possible.

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