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Our aim is to provide our customers, with professional old fashioned values, a wealth of experience and high quality installations and aftercare service.
Home & Away Surveillance Limited specialise in the installation and maintenance of Close Circuit Television, Intruder Alarms, Door Access and Intercom/Video Systems.

All installations and maintenance carried out, are guaranteed and comply with current government legislation and guidelines as laid down by the industry regulators.

We use equipment from known leading Security Companies such as Norbain, Paxton and Raytel to name a few, the main areas we cover include:

- Door Access Control
- Audio & Video Intercoms
- Wireless Residential Intruder Alarms
















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Specialists in Access Control Systems


Access control gives you control over who gains entry to your building.
Keys also do this - so what is the difference?
When you lose a key, you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing locks and all the other keys, or you accept the building is no longer secure.
With access control you simply void an individual token from the system.
There is no need to replace locks or keys.
The security of your building is always maintained.

For the smaller installation...

Switch 2 a simple yet effective easily maintained system.

Simple steps to control:

  • A PROXIMITY reader is installed
  • A card pack is supplied to accompany the reader
  • The installer presents the enrolment card to the reader
  • All cards in the card pack are immediately valid for use
  • The Enrolment card is in the card pack.
  • The card pack is unique to your building and contains either ten, twenty five, fifty or one hundred user cards

All you have to do is issue the three cards:

Gaining access:

  • The user presents theircard to the reader and the door unlocks.
  • Cards or keyfobs are easy to carry in a wallet or ona keyring.
  • Cards and keyfobs have no batteries.
  • Convenience and ease of access are assured.

If a card or keyfob is lost, it can be voided from the system in seconds, preventing unauthorised access by anyone finding it.

Restricting access by card/keyfob colour:

Proximity card/keyfob systems can be used to control access through several doors in a building, and access can be restricted to certain areas based on the colour of the user's card/keyfob.

Wireless Residential Intruder Alarm

Visonic is a leading manufacturer of top quality wireless alarm systems.
We install their POWERMAX range because:

1. Its reliability.
2. Its versatility ( it can monitor intruder, fire, gas escape, carbon- monoxide levels and flood).
3. Its simplicity of use (turned on and off by keyfob trnsmitters ).
4. A system can usually be installed during a morning.
5. As there are no wires to install, there is no disruption to decor.

The POWERMAX can accept up to 28 wireless detection devices. Because of this it can be used in the smallest of houses, but has the capability to protect a mansion.

If it is connected to a telephone line, the POWERMAX can contact up to 4 friends or neighbours to report an intruder/fire/gas/carbon-monoxide/flood situation.

Our Engineers & Staff are carefully vetted and receive training to the highest standards possible.

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